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contemporary coastal kitchen design
By April 23, 2021

A beautiful, functional kitchen starts with a great kitchen design. Key to this is careful forethought and planning. Our client’s stunning kitchen is a great example of a great kitchen design. The layout is practical, enabling ease of access around the kitchen. There’s plenty of storage and bench space, including the island bench with breakfast

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Kitchen colours and finishes for Wodonga investment property
By July 10, 2020

In our first blog Building a Residential Investment Property we touched on the benefits of engaging a professional Interior Designer to make the selections for building your investment property, and specifically looked at the exterior specifications for the finishes and colours. So how are things going with the build of our client’s residential investment property in

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By November 15, 2019

If you’re considering a kitchen renovation, it makes sense to learn a bit about the various benchtops that are available to choose from. In many ways, benchtops are the crowning glory of a kitchen so have a good look at all the options available for benchtops before you decide on which one is right for

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By October 4, 2019

Building a new house can be stressful and there are so many things unforeseen things that can and often do, go wrong. Before you begin building a new house, it’s important to be sure that the process will be as smooth as it possibly can be. Current clients of I For Style are having a

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By March 22, 2019

This dining and kitchen area of a lovely home in middle Dural, NSW, was looking very tired when we saw it for the first time. It lacked the benefit of natural light because of the deep overhang of a large veranda. Most of the existing furniture was a very monochrome, warm timber colour and did

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By February 22, 2019

They say that the kitchen is the hub of the home and it’s true. Kitchens tend to be where people gather; whether it’s family, friends or both. So, it makes pretty good sense that a kitchen should be highly functional and aesthetically pleasing to boot. The main factor in achieving a standout kitchen is attention

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By October 21, 2016

A beautiful home that showcases great style, high quality finishes, attention to detail AND enhances your well-being will add value to your lifestyle! Soon after our clients purchased this home on acreage, I for Style was called in and tasked with creating an inspiring, contemporary home where they could take time out from a very busy lifestyle to

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By September 2, 2016

Love elegant and classy kitchens? We do too!! So just what makes a kitchen stand out from the pack and really shine? Simply put, it’s the attention to detail. Everytime. Check out two of our gorgeous but very different kitchens. The first kitchen is in fact an old kitchen that works well for the clients

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By August 5, 2016

Some of the loveliest interiors are a fusion of different styles. While not everyone’s cup of tea, I just love the eclectic room in the above photo with its pops of saturated colours. What really ties it all together though is the use of the monochromatic colour scheme on the picture rails, window and door

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