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Church Design

Contemporary geometric design for church interior
Church baptistry with stackstone and beautiful glass feature

Design and decoration of Churches is a specialised art. Every Place of Worship is unique with its congregation demographics and expressions of worship. Some have a traditional culture or an aging congregation that requires a sensitive appreciation of what design elements and colours are used.

Other Churches with a more contemporary approach, need an event style appearance with provision for a larger stage and production sound and lighting, creating a concert like atmosphere.  Wherever it fits on the spectrum the purpose of the Church design is to be serviceable, safe and to uplift and optimize the experience of all congregation attendees.

When considering Church design, I For Style will look at things like:

  • Demographics of attendees
  • Ethos and Philosophy of Beliefs
  • Disability access
  • Special purpose room fit-out requirements and features to accommodate children’s and youth activities, educational and office layouts
  • Sound and lighting requirements
  • Retention of existing design elements (eg stained glass windows, arches)
  • Functionality for non-church use of building

Whatever your needs, I For Style will always provide comprehensive consultation time and collaboration with the stakeholders like Church Department Leaders and the Boards.

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Contemporary reception area with black and white chairs


With experience ranging from suburban makeovers through to high-end design for residential, business

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