At I For Style we love to work with our clients to create unique, modern interiors that reflect the client’s personality and style with functionality to suit their lifestyle. Our focus is on creating interiors that look current today and are still as relevant 10 years from now with a timeless interior design style.

Home styling trends come and go and it is easy to get swept up in design fads, especially these days with all the home renovation shows on television using all the latest, must have designer items but, some elements have staying power and do become classics.

Why create a timeless interior design?

An interior design that holds up throughout the years and doesn’t date, is one that will give you the best value as it will not need to be re-done every few years as design fads come and go. This doesn’t mean that you have to completely avoid trends, but rather that you carefully curate a timeless backdrop and buy quality, investment pieces that will last.

Interior design styles come and go, here are 5 ways to create a timeless interior design for your home that will look good for years to come.

How can we create a timeless room?

Timeless is often linked with elegance and sophistication as it creates a sense of luxury keeping the practicality and the function of the objects and the overall space.

There are a few elements common to all timelessly designed rooms:

Proportion and Symmetry – Symmetry and proportion give a visually pleasing and comfortable balance of all the room elements, from floor to ceiling. Keeping furniture in proportion to the available space is very important to keep it functional without overpowering the room.

Materials – Use natural and quality materials: woods, stone, cotton, silks, and marble.

Neutral Colours – neutral colours are synonymous in a timeless interior design, they are traditional, classic and elegant and they do not overpower the room. If you like brighter colours, you don’t have to avoid them, but they can be introduced as your accent colour with accessories or small pieces to complement the neutral bones of the room.

Artwork – Incorporate modern or contemporary artwork to inject a little of your personality to the design and give a fresh look and feel.

Mix traditional with contemporary – Mixing traditional with more contemporary elements will achieve a more modern timeless interior design as it doesn’t fix the room to one specific style.

You can incorporate current trends with accent pieces and accessories, as these can easily be changed and replaced to keep the space fresh.

When selecting furniture or decor items, choose carefully ensuring that they are a reflection of your personality, this will help to create a timeless look for your home that you will always love it!

Timeless Interior Design Styles Coastal style bedroom Sawtell NSW

So does having a timeless interior design mean that you will never have to update it? Well, unfortunately the answer is no! Timeless home designs might need to be updated as your use of spaces change or your personal tastes vary , but they will rarely need to be replaced completely. The core of the design should transcend through the years holding its own, as all classic design styles do.

If you are building a new home or renovating an existing space, Contact Lurleen and she can help you to create a timeless interior design that you will love for years to come.

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