We live in a world that continues to be in the middle of rapidly emerging environmental concerns and changing attitudes. Natural and more environmentally friendly products have become pressing issues. In the interior design and decorator world there has been some more recent developments and new releases of environmentally friendly products that are in line with this. Many of these environmentally friendly products have not gained recognition yet for the contribution they can make to a better and more environmentally friendly world.

No, we don’t just mean a shift from petroleum/turps-based paint products to more acrylic based.
We are talking about more serious revolutionary ideas. Enviro friendly products like the Dulux EnvirO2, a sustainable interior paint range which holds Global Green Tag certification. Other enviro friendly products found in the Ecolour range claiming zero VOC levels. (ecolour.com.au).

Products are now promoting low or nil VOC (volatile organic compounds). VOC’s usually impact the ongoing air quality in your home; therefore these newer ranges make it less harmful to your health and on the environment. Some Australian based paint manufactures now claiming 100% free from VOC.

Other products are now being created or have become available with higher organic content include those that minimise the effect of mould, or maintain a negligible odour release, which again are amazing and important health initiatives not considered in the past.

But it’s not only the paints undergoing an environmental revolution. It’s also in a number of the essential preparation and support products. Surface preparation fillers and prepping tools like scrapers, masking tapes and timber cleaners.

Sustainable Design is gaining traction throughout the world. Maybe it’s time for mainstream designers to be embracing more of the change and promoting the use of these products in the home for everyday use!

Photo 1: I For Style    Photo 2: Dulux Nourish