Have you heard of the term ‘Transterior’? It’s the en-trend word to describe the seamless merging of indoor outdoor living and the idea is really taking off.
With many of us living such fast-paced lives, we’re opting for the appeal of smaller blocks of land or even apartment living. But that can mean we miss out on the feeling of being connected to nature. Well it seems that Jamie Durie and his talented Group Creative Director, Nadine Bush, have hit upon the answer.
I attended an evening hosted by Garden Life in St. Peters, Sydney. It was geared to design industry professionals such as architects, interior designers and decorators and professional landscape designers. The first speaker was Nadine Bush.
Nadine works very closely with Jamie and in 2016 their co-authored book ‘Living Designs’ was published. In it they talk about the importance of successfully merging the interior of our homes with the exterior, creating a seamless transition from one to the other.
Indoor Outdoor Living bedroom styling with plants and hanging chairs
But how can merging indoor outdoor spaces be successfully achieved? Well according to Nadine, inspiration is everywhere.
Here are some of the elements she spoke about that can ensure we are surrounded by nature and reap the benefits as a result.

Tips to Merge Indoor Outdoor Living

• Allow the outdoors to be fully visible whether open or closed as much as possible. Glass stacker doors are ideal.
• Use indoor furniture that has a link with the outdoor furniture. For example, a white leather lounge paired with white outdoor chairs.
• Follow the same colour scheme through to the outdoors.
• Brick paving used outdoors and indoors
• Lime-washed walls
• Indoor plants – it’s a great idea to rotate them between indoors and outdoors every three weeks
• Particle board as a headboard
• Painterly cushions
And the list could go on with ways of connecting indoor and outdoor spaces…

To create a successful transterior design, the secret is to pull as many features as possible from outside into the interior and vice versa, exchanging materials, textures, colours and even lights, so the two spaces become one.

It’s fantastic to bring nature inside our homes and Transterior is a trend that’s very healthy for us all. We need to bring plants, greenery and outdoor textures into our homes and we want to make sure we take comfort and luxury from the indoors outside, too, with great furniture you can recline on for hours. That way, you can truly have the best of both worlds in your home.

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