Thinking about buying or having built a residential investment property? When it comes to building or fitting out a residential investment property, it’s tempting to think that throwing a few dollars at it to give it a superficial ‘makeover’ is the way to go. What does it matter anyway, you say, everyone knows it will get knocked around a bit. However, there’s a lot evidence to suggest an investment property, particularly a residential investment property, if it’s attractive as well as functional, will attract a quality tenant.

The construction of the residential investment property in Wodonga is now complete and tenants have now moved in. For a minimal additional investment, this has lifted this property to being highly sought after and appraised by real estate companies and the builders, who gave glowing reviews. With the approval of the owners, the building company used this residential investment property as a display home for future clients. before it was rented out to tenants.

Finished kitchen in Wodonga investment property

Finished kitchen in Wodonga investment property

So, what are some of the customised features that I For Style advised the clients to include, that have drawn such strong accolades? 

  1. The clever and unique selection of the right colours and finishes.
  2. The ceilings were made higher. This makes a huge difference to people’s perception of the overall space.
  3. The kitchen island bench was widened by 300mm so it could also be used as a breakfast bar.
  4. Several of the power outlets were changed to include a USB output, very functional in today’s world of remote working and multiple devices.
  5. The bathroom mirror in the main bathroom was extended to go from wall to wall, giving the impression of a more spacious look.

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