We often think that if we rent out a residential investment property there’s every chance it will be trashed or at the very least, not looked after as well as we would like. We think we should keep costs to a minimum in our refurbishment, renovation or new build. There’s a school of thought that people instinctively take more care of a well thought out and aesthetically pleasing residential investment property. So if you’re looking at having a residential investment property built, remember you don’t have to spend big dollars. With a little vision and forethought, a new build can be highly functional as well as beautiful and it just may attract the perfect tenant.
Recently I For Style was tasked with putting together all the finishes and colours for the exterior and interior of a residential investment being built by Project homes builder Hadar Homes in Wodonga, Victoria. Project home builders often have a selection of pre-agreed finishes and colours to choose from, however if you’re wanting to really personalise your new build, it’s a great idea to engage an Interior Designer to help you do so.
In this blog we’ll look at the exterior specifications for this new residential investment property. Melbourne Blue bricks by PGH were chosen for the exterior walls, and Colorbond Surf Mist was selected for the roof and window frames to balance out the dark walls. For the garage door, Colorbond Ironstone was specified.

Residential investment build in progress

Wodonga residential investment build in progress

To balance the dark colour palette, warm colours needed to be introduced so a warm honey colour was chosen for timber slats which will be laid horizontally above the entry portico. The same timber will be used for the front door. Paint colours for the portico columns will be Colorbond Riversand, and Colorbond Surfmist on one of the portico walls.