Paint colours are one of the most effective ways to add the WOW factor to your home.
Regardless of whether you prefer one paint colour for all the walls, would like two or three different paint colours throughout your home or, if you’re wanting something a bit out of the ordinary, we love to create amazing walls with paint colours!
Remember though, that there’s an important first step you must consider before you start painting: be sure the paint colours and the placement of the colours are right!!

What’s the best way to achieve this? Use a reputable paint colour consultant before starting to paint. The fact is, regardless of whether you’re going to do the painting yourself or enlist the services of a professional, it can be an expensive exercise if you get it wrong, so don’t forget to take that all important first step.
Take some time to have a look at our residential projects page for some inspiration both on how paint colours can enhance the inside and outside for your home!