A beautiful home that showcases great style, high quality finishes, attention to detail AND enhances your well-being will add value to your lifestyle!
Soon after our clients purchased this home on acreage, I for Style was called in and tasked with creating an inspiring, contemporary home where they could take time out from a very busy lifestyle to relax and be refreshed. Equally as important, they also wanted their home to reflect who they are. The first photo shows a stunning, contemporary kitchen that’s not just great to look at but works perfectly for them.
Have a look now at a before photo of the old kitchen.
The second before photo (below) shows a view into the family room from the old kitchen. Now look at the last photo. The old family room been completely transformed into a contemporary space that oozes character. By cladding the existing column with stackstone (also part of the kitchen renovation) and retaining the stunning timber ceiling, it has become a space that invites relaxation and refreshment.
The fact is your home needs to be your haven! As life gets busier and the world seems to get a bit crazier with each passing day, it’s really important that our homes are a retreat where we can relax and be refreshed.
That’s the very essence of what I for Style is all about!
Over the next few weeks we’ll look at the process of turning a house into a home you’ll love to live in – a home that’s uniquely you!