Kit Kemp Style in New York

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Posted on July 29, 2016

I love travel and always find it inspires me creatively. So having spent a week in New York and Washington DC earlier in the year, I arrived back in good old Australia with a truck load full of inspiration and rearing to go!

During our time in New York it made sense to check out the Crosby Street Hotel designed by the Kit Kemp. An internationally award winning interior designer, Kit has made a name for herself designing hotels around the world. Whether you love her work or not, her unique approach results in interiors that are eye-popping to say the least. A fusion of traditional and modern, she has a style all her own with a decidedly quirky and eclectic twist.

For those who are familiar with the area of Soho in Lower Manhattan, the hotel is perfectly suited to the edgy, creative vibe there.

Kit Kemp Crosby St New York 600x400