Some of the loveliest interiors are a fusion of different styles. While not everyone’s cup of tea, I just love the eclectic room in the above photo with its pops of saturated colours. What really ties it all together though is the use of the monochromatic colour scheme on the picture rails, window and door architraves, fireplace and walls.
The second photo shows a kitchen with a mirror splash back. This kitchen doesn’t fit neatly into any particular style but it’s certainly eye catching!
Or maybe you do love a certain style. The Scandi style, for example, is so en trend at the moment. It’s really important however to put your individual stamp on any style to really make it your own.
One of the most exciting things about I for Style is that we love to create highly personal interiors. Part of our design philosophy is that our homes, workplaces or any interior space, should lift the spirit and enrich the lives of those who occupy or reside there. In fact it’s so important to us that we’ve built our reputation around just that!
Interiors that lift the spirit - I for Style Kitchen 600x400
We take the time to get to know our clients; what makes them tick, their lifestyle, practical requirements and most importantly, what they’re passionate about. Throughout the entire process, I for Style and the client/s work as a team. This ensures the best possible result at the end of the project!!
Photo: I for Style
Photo: Rare Brick, Rachel Reider Interiors Inc