Have you ever felt encouraged and motivated while reading some inspirational words or perhaps an inspirational phrase?
What if you, and others, could be encouraged and inspired every day in a very clever and unique way, every time you enter your home? Well that was exactly what my clients wanted for the house they are having built in Sawtell, NSW.
In the entry foyer a series of words in copper have been embedded into what will be a polished concrete floor, as a permanent reminder to them and all who pass over their threshold. The words are from the bible and say ‘Make your tents large…Spread out Think big’. Regardless of our religious beliefs, the words are inspiring because they have the ability to motivate and encourage us to think outside ourselves and see the bigger picture of life.
Alt="Copper words embedded in concrete floor
The first photo shows the copper text before it was embedded into the floor and the second photo soon after it was done but before the polishing of the concrete.
At the beginning of the design process the client expressed a desire to incorporate some edgy and exciting design elements – and me thinks that this one fits the bill beautifully!
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