20 years ago, it was my hubby Graeme who challenged me to dream big in having my own interior design business but while having a dream is fine, it needs to be fleshed out. So began the journey of upskilling in interior design studies at what is now known as the International School of Colour and Design (ISCD). Towards the end of my second year of my interior design studies the opportunity came up to purchase an established business in the form of a homewares and furniture store. Unexpected? Yes, it was, however my interior design studies stood me in very good stead because it wasn’t long before people came into the store and asked me to do consultations in their homes.
Disappointingly though the store wasn’t going as well as expected and we had to close the business early due to a number of factors including extensive roadworks outside the store. However, as a result of my time spent at ISCD I had a great grounding in interior design principles that would stand me in good stead for the future. It was the end of a chapter, but a new journey had begun- the registering of my business I For Style.

A few years later, I went back to the classroom again – and I might add that I was the oldest one there by several years – to study interior design at the Sydney Design School. Autocad, Sketchup, model making, and perspective drawing are a few of the subjects that were covered, and these have been invaluable for the business.
It’s not always convenient to have a dream, the timing and life’s circumstances can make it very hard, but I’ve found that determination, patience, hard work and upskilling if needed will help realise that dream.
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