I For Style turns 20 in April! Unofficially though the journey into owning and being the principal interior designer of I For Style, began a few years before that. At the time we had four young children and hubby Graeme was beginning to travel a lot with his work. I was working part time as a medical receptionist/secretary and truth to tell, feeling a bit like a square peg in a round hole (can anyone else relate to that?). One day hubby Graeme said to me “If you could take off all the reasons why not, what would be your dream job?” To which I replied without hesitation, to have my own interior design business. His response? “Well what’s stopping you?” At that point of course, the rather aptly named I For Style was just a twinkle in my eye!
But I was beginning to realise that dreams can come at the most inconvenient times in life though. Could I do this with all my other responsibilities? I had my doubts. I knew too that while it’s great to have a dream (even one with an eye for style!), to move forward you have to put legs on your dream! I needed to get busy and upskill if my business with an eye for style was to succeed!

So, I enrolled at what was then called School of Colour & Design Australia. My time there gave me an excellent grounding in the elements and principles of design and colour. Back in the day we even had to mix our own paint colours! The course ate up about 30 hours per week spent either on campus or on assignments, but I loved it!
Tune in for more of the unfolding journey over the next few weeks.
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