Wainscoting is a wonderful way to add interest and up the elegance factor in a room. It’s also a great solution if you’re after a more formal look.
With our project in Pitt Town, near Windsor in NSW, I decided to use wainscoting on the open-plan living room walls, giving it a distinctive point of difference between the other interior spaces surrounding it.
Ideal in living rooms, dining rooms, master bedrooms and hallways, wainscoting adds a 3D dimension to even the plainest of rooms. While it tends to be used in separate rooms, rather than very open-plan spaces, such as this house, I wanted to create a more formal look for the living room. One of the biggest challenges was the open cavity between the dining and living room but with some clever forethought, it came together beautifully.
Once the room is painted and other important elements are in place, this will be one stunning room!