In recent years wallpapers, or wallcoverings as they are sometimes referred to, have made a huge comeback. But what is even more exciting is that we’re rethinking the way we use them. As a result of this, we’re now seeing wallpaper in a very different light and there is sure to be a wallpaper design that fits perfectly in your space.

With this in mind, I challenge you to take a fresh look at what wallpapers have to offer.
Wallpapers look amazing used in residential or commercial interiors. Whatever mood you’d like to create, there is a wallpaper that’s just right any interior space. Remember though, that it’s about making the right statement – classy corporate offices, funky clothing store, dramatic entry to a modern city apartment, stunning suburban residence, the range of options are limitless.

Wallpaper Ideas

By using a wallpaper to create a feature wall instead of covering every wall in a room can sometimes have much more impact and punch. Or how about this for something a little different; use just one drop of a wallpaper and place it strategically with a complimentary or contrasting paint colour on the rest of that wall as well as all the other walls . Of course the right wallpaper can still look absolutely amazing used on all the walls of a room but the key is to make sure it is part of the whole design.

Types of Wallpapers

Below is a list of popular wallpaper types and textures you can choose from.

  • Vinyl: Pure vinyl is laminated to a paper or linen backing.
  • Vinyl Coated: A design is printed on a paper backing and then treated with a vinyl topcoat
  • Embossed: Embossed wallpaper is thick and textured like anaglypta, but with a coloured pattern instead of plain. Raised on the design side and hollow on the other.
  • Anaglypta: is an embossed paintable wallpaper that is usually quite thick and heavy. It is printed with raised designs and is usually ornately textured.
  • Hessian: Closely woven Hessian (Hemp or Jute) is stuck to a heavy paper backing.
  • Grass Cloth: Natural handcrafted wallpaper made with the fibers of a honeysuckle vine being attached to a paper backing.
  • Flock: Flock has a fuzzy velvet texture. It is made by dusting powdered silk, wool or flock onto a tacky patterned surface paper,
  • Mural: Murals depict a variety of scenic pictures or landscapes which are usually divided into quarter panels for installation purposes.
  • Metallic: Also called foils, is created by applying a thin sheet of metallic foil to a paper backing.
  • Bamboo Wallpaper: Bamboo wallpaper is made by applying bamboo reeds, or vines onto a paper backing with glue.

With the range of modern wallpaper designs available, you should be able to find something that suits your space from a functional perspective and match your style.

If you want to incorporate wallpaper into your home but need some guidance with selections, contact Lurleen to help you create a look that is truly unique and one that will really pop with visual interest, definitely add wallpaper to your list of must haves.

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