Wallpaper has made a huge comeback in the last few years and I for one am pretty happy about that!

Wallpaper is perfect if you’re looking to create mood and atmosphere as it can create an illusion of light and space or it can envelope a room, making it seem more intimate and cosy. Wallpaper can add a textural element to an otherwise ordinary room and, it’s oh so easy to achieve a unique and highly individual WOW factor to your home!

We have some great wallpaper ideas and trends below to help inspire you to include wallpaper in your next home décor project.

Wallpaper Trends – why has it made such a comeback?

Wallpaper is available in an abundance of modern and stylish designs and patterns and it is now easier to apply (and remove) than ever with peel and stick wallpaper options available, making it popular among both interior designers and DIYers.

Along with this trend also comes wallpaper borders and they can be used and applied in a so many unique and creative ways, from accentuating doorways and windows to dressing up your staircase risers. Wallpaper borders appear to be a bit more controversial as to whether people love or hate this trend. If you are looking to introduce a statement or a fun bit of character to your design, then a wallpaper border is perfect and the easy to remove peel and stick application means that if the trend is short lived then you can easily remove these (and an added bonus, peel and stick options are renter-friendly).


Wallpaper Ideas for your Interiors

Another really cool thing about wallpapers or wallcoverings (as they are sometimes referred to), is that you can be really adventurous how you use it. Think of some exciting and innovative ways; for example, part of a wall, ceilings and even doors!

If you’re looking to go bold like the Timorous beasties in the first photo, maybe just one use it on one wall, part of the wall or behind a door. If you love texture then consider a grass-cloth wallpaper (check out the photo in last week’s blog). It can look wonderful used on all the walls in studys/home offices or lounge rooms and formal dining rooms.

Some of the deeper, moodier colours are perfect if you have a good level of natural light and it will really make a statement if you paint the doors, skirting boards, architraves and ceiling in a crisp white. Got high ceilings? Cover it with a wallpaper in just one room.

There’s so many ideas for wallcoverings and ways to use and incorporate them into your interior design. So, keep an open mind about it because whatever your tastes are, there’s a wallpaper to suit you.

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