What do you do at the end of a busy day or when you’re in holiday mode and need to be refreshed and recharged? For most of us we retreat to a favourite chair. So, what’s your favourite go-to-chair? Everyone needs to sit when relaxing and we need lots of chairs to do so.
Chairs come in all different shapes and sizes and there’s heaps to choose from. So how do you decide on a quality chair? Check out these four tips:
Decide how are you will use the chair
If it’s be outdoors, make sure it’s built for that purpose. This is particularly important if it’s going to be used in a spot that’s exposed to the elements with no overhead covering. With any outdoor furniture always use fabric that’s specifically designed for that purpose e.g. The Bondi collection by Warwick Fabrics.
Is it well-constructed and easy to care for?
If it’s to be used regularly, it must be able to stand up to the rigours of daily living.
What’s it like to sit on?
There’s no sense in purchasing a chair that not comfortable! The best way to find out if it fits the bill is to sit in it for a while. Is it a chair you can relax into? How’s the height and width?
Does it look good?
Last but not least, your favourite chair should look beautiful too! Consider such things as will it work well with the style of your home? How about the colour? Is it to be a stand-out piece or do you want something more neutral that will blend in? Plain or patterned fabric?
When you’ve made your choice of the perfect chair, relax and enjoy!
Photo 1: https://www.uniqwafurniture.com.au/
Photo 2: https://hamipara.com  –  Ikea Swivel Chairs