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By November 5, 2021

Almost everyone will go through a renovation during their lifetime. Whether it’s a major transformation or just a small touch-up, at some point during our lives we realise our home doesn’t quite fit our needs and it needs an upgrade. For this reason, in this blog we decided to share some tips for renovating a

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Selecting a board and frame for art with a client
By October 22, 2021

Helping clients choose art for their homes is one of the fun things about being an Interior Designer. Art is very subjective and personal, over the years I’ve seen so many different pieces of art that appeal to people for many reasons. Art can be an investment, as well as something that lifts your spirit.

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French country style curtains Hartley House
By October 8, 2021

Following our last blog which covered off everything you need to know about escaping to the country, this week we’re taking a look at country-style houses. The first thing you need to know is that there are lots of different style of country houses. French Provincial, Vintage, Classic, Modern, Rustic, and the list goes on.

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