In honour of International Women’s Day last week, we’re showing some love to American photographer Patty Carroll’s ongoing series ‘Anonymous Women’. This collection explores the dichotomy of domesticity, and the ‘the home’ means to different women. Carroll suggests that sometimes, home is a place of comfort, where being a ‘stay at home’ mother or wife is an aspirational lifestyle. Simultaneously, home can camouflage individual identity when a house-proud obsession with décor, presentation, and status dictates one’s sense of self.


‘Anonymous Women’ collection by Patty Carroll

Carroll came to these realisations when decorating her own 1950’s ranch house, mulling over her own relationship to her home though-out vintage foraging sprees. In any and all cases, Carroll asserts that women need “a room of their own.” The series cross-cultural references span Renaissance-era draped statues, nuns in habits, women wearing the burka, priests and judge’s robes, ancient Greek and Roman dress, and the Virgin Mary among others. It’s very unique and thought-provoking.
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Credits: Article – Yellow Trace Photo 1 and 2: Anonymous Women by Patty Carroll & Random Fun