We in the southern hemisphere are experiencing winter right now however today it’s been decidedly warmer, in fact a balmy 24 degrees celsius! However our friends in the northern hemisphere are experiencing the height of late summer, then it will be autumn. Following close on the heels of autumn, winter.
There’s no doubt about it though, winter’s a great time to cosy up our homes. Adding some texture to your interiors, maybe in the form of woollen cushions or fluffy faux-fur throws rugs for example.
Another lovely way of bringing some of the wonder (albeit cold!) of winter is through photographic art. So this week we’ll take a look at a couple of photographers who are well worth a mention.
Swedish photographer Gabriel Isak‘s portfolio is a masterclass in capturing the fairytale quality of winter. He gathers inspiration from the natural world and has a clever and very unique way of combining the slightly surreal with a healthy dose of melancholy in his works. There’s also a sense of fantasy in his minimalist compositions but also an awe for the beautiful landscapes he uses both as protagonists and backdrops.
Click here for more about this talented photographer.
David Batchelder Photographer 600x400 Cropped
Another photographer of note is David Batchelder. His compositions are also about the use of subtle colour combinations and contrasts. For his new book, Tideland, David has documented naturally occurring ‘watercolour’ paintings, made by the tide on a small beach near to his home in Charleston. David’s work is a reminder that the natural world itself can often work as an excellent canvas.