Our clients new house in Sawtell, on the mid-north coast, is almost at the point of completion and it’s very exciting! Most days there’s something new being installed or finished off that was part of a carefully thought-through process before the building of the new house even began. I can’t stress highly enough how important it is to have a team of skilled, trustworthy people on board if your considering having a new house built, if you want to achieve the best possible end-result.

A pair of retro doors were salvaged from the existing house on the property before it was demolished to make way for the new build. Both have been turned into single barn doors used on the first level of the new build, adding a touch of yesteryear and nostalgia to the new build.

The beauty of the natural stone fireplace is another stunning feature to this innovative, newly built house. The solid appearance of the natural stone helps to anchor the open-plan living spaces and adds a warmth of colour and texture.