As we stand on the threshold of a new year I’m reminded of how important it is to challenge myself to think bigger in every area of my life. That means being innovative and pushing boundaries. The same approach also applies to my business, I for Style.
So I’ve been giving some thought as to what inspires and motivates me…….
Travel and people are definitely up there, amongst other things. One really inspiring holiday was in Morocco. It’s a country deeply rooted in ancient history and tradition and it’s a sensual feast! The richness of colours and textures in the natural and manmade environment are simply breathtaking. With a colourful mix of different cultures down through the centuries, it’s such a fascinating country.
Sometimes it’s good to go off the beaten track too, as you see from the photos! Our overnight trek began with a 5 hour camel ride into the Western Sahara desert where we stayed overnight in the makeshift, camel blanket tents. The next morning we trekked another 5 hours back.
But best of all, I love observing how people do life wherever they live. I’m a firm believer that we can learn so much from one and other so it’s important to celebrate our differences. The fact that we’re all unique is the very reason why each project I for Style undertakes is also unique, tailored to the client.