As a designer, I’m constantly on the lookout for innovative ideas so when I came across ‘Precinct 75 in St. Peters, NSW, I was in my element.
‘Precinct 75’ is buzzing with innovative designers and eclectic brands. Inartisan and Atolyia are a couple of newbies to the precinct. Inartisan was co-founded by sisters Emily Heysen and Verity Kizek. They’ve curated a collection of beautiful and unique pieces from around the world that champion the values of craftsmanship and artistic integrity over mass production.
Growing up surrounded by art and nature has influenced the personal style of Inartisans Emily Heysen. With a strong commitment to creativity, the environment and ethical production, Inartisan values individual craftsmanship and artistic integrity over mass-production. Their copper and jewelry ranges are crafted by artisans in the east of Turkey, their reindeer hides are sustainably sourced from Finland and their soy wax candles are hand poured by Emily herself in Melbourne.
I first learnt about Atolyia in 2015. Launched by Verity Kizek and her husband Shenol when they were living in Istanbul, Turkey.
Verity’s family are artistic, so it was in her blood. She always wanted to do something creative and run a business so after finishing high school studied graphic and interior design for a while. Then she decided to pursue a career as a lawyer.
After the birth of her first child they went to Turkey to be near her husband’s family and during this time, she rediscovered her creative ambitions. “It’s been a bit of a journey, but you get there eventually” says Verity. “With all of our products we try to tell a story behind them. That is really important to us,” Kizek says. “It’s important for people to know how much work and skill goes into them.”
Photos: Inartisan