One of the most effective ways to create a great first impression and give the exterior of your home the wow factor is your front door. There are so many options available to us these days so there’s really no excuse for your door to look dowdy and unwelcoming.
If your budget allows for it, a beautiful bespoke door in a timber such as New Guinea rosewood will certainly catch the eye! Or how about a metal front door? Axolotl, in Matraville, Sydney are pioneers of innovative and creative metal, concrete, glass and timber products, but the cool thing is that they can apply their magic to the surface of any substrate.
To achieve the look of metal for example, they use a liquified form of semi-precious metals such as zinc, copper or bronze. The advantages are that your front door will not only look spectacular, it’s also lightweight and best of all, it has the look of solid metal.
Or, if you have a period style home, you could consider an entry door that compliments that era. Or if your home is reminiscent of an Italian or French style, like the one in the first photo, why not explore the possibilities of a stunning, antique front door.
More dash than cash? Paint your front door in a bold, look-at-me colour such as a bright yellow or bright blue (2nd Photo). Make sure that the paint colour compliments the rest of the colours and finishes on the exterior of your home.