One of the huge highlights of our holiday in Europe was attending the M & O in Paris. It’s international trade show that’s held twice a year and is an absolute ‘must see’ for interior designers and decorators. It truly was a feast for the eyes and even hubby enjoyed it!!
It was so interesting to see all the different exhibitors from many countries around the world and of course to learn about upcoming trends for the next year.
The Luxe look abounds and although we’ve seen a lot of this decadent, Hollywood Regency style in the last two or three years, it’s looking like it’s here to stay for some time yet. Fabrics are rich in colour and texture and furniture envelopes and comforts the human form with its rounded shapes, echoing the natural forms found in nature such as mountains and streams.
But by complete contrast, there is a huge emphasis on the use of natural materials; be it furniture, homewares, lighting, bathroom basins etc. This back-to-nature approach is set to stay for a long time.
While each of these two styles seem polar opposites, in fact there’s a strong link between the two.  As our world gets crazier and less personal (yes, even with all our ‘friends’ on social media), our emotional health is being constantly eroded. We’re craving intimacy and comfort. A back-to-nature approach goes some way towards meeting this need.
Get set to hear more about our time at M & O together with lots of other exciting adventures from our time away!
Photo 1: Brabbu  Photo 2: Atmosphere D’Arganeraie