It’s All About You!

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Our mission statement ‘Creating environments of Beauty and Harmony; Lifting the Spirit and Enriching Life’ is interwoven into the very fabric of what I for Style stands for. You could say it’s part of our DNA.

We treat each and every client as an individual with their own story to tell. Each project is uniquely tailored to the people who will occupy that interior space. We’re truly, madly, deeply passionate about our clients receiving the great service and workmanship they deserve!

If you’re having a new home built, renovating your existing home or even considering these options, it’s important that all decisions made benefit you, the client. There’s just too many horror stories out there of builders, tradespeople and even project managers who don’t have the clients best interests at heart.


That’s where a Client Representative can really help. We work hard to make sure our clients are number one in the design and construction process, from the earliest stages right through to the completed project. We put you, our client front and centre.

Like any great journey, we believe too that the design process should be uncomplicated and fun from start to finish! We get that people who come to us need to be kept in the know during the process and that any ideas or questions they may have need to be listened to and given due consideration.

Remember: It’s All About You!

Photos: I for Style