Some time ago I read an article titled ‘The Forum’ by Deirdre Macken in the weekend addition of the Australian. It was a tongue-in-cheek jibe at mass-produced interior design styles – the one size fits all approach.
What’s the look, you may ask? Well it means any style that happens to be so ‘right now’. And the point isn’t whether you like that look but rather, if you really want to be cool, this is the look for you!
The article set me to thinking about some misconceptions that are out there about interior designers who are worth their salt –
Myth 1:
Whatever the current trend for interiors is, that’s the one you should have.
Your home needs to reflect who you are, what you like and how you do life.
A great interior designer isn’t into the cookie cutter approach but will create a look that’s unique to you!
Myth 2:
Hiring an interior designer is a luxury.
Fact: Actually, the reverse is true!
Consider how many hours we spend in our homes. Even if you work long hours away from home, it’s important that your home is your haven. It should be an uplifting environment, somewhere you can retreat to and be refreshed by. So why wouldn’t you use an interior designer who’s mandate is to lift the spirit and enrich the lives of her clients?
Myth 3:
I can do it myself
Fact: Maybe, but you won’t get the best result!
A great interior designer is someone who has been properly trained and has the ability to see the end result. As part of the design process, they will use the skills they have learnt to help you visualise the end result. They will listen carefully to you and any ideas you have, and they will guide you throughout the design journey, achieving the best possible outcome! And you’ll have fun along the way!