This week I was taking my usual walk with our dog Maddie and came across a pile of rubbish awaiting council pick up. Yup, you guessed it, I can never resist having a closer inspection.
On this occasion, I was richly rewarded because amongst the usual ‘rubbish’, were some seriously gorgeous timber chairs with upholstered seats. It’s true, that they definitely needed some tender loving care but the raw potential was oozing out of every pore or should I say surface.
So did I salvage one of them? Even though I racked my brains trying to think which of my clients could make use of one or more of these chairs, I resisted the urge.
Let’s face it, who doesn’t like the idea of sitting in a comfy, classy looking chair! Not only are chairs necessary but they’re also are great way to add a bit charm to any interior.
At the moment I for Style is working on an interior decoration project whereby we are specifying furniture, lighting, rugs, window furnishings, artwork and a few other items for our clients. One of the chairs we’re using is the King Furniture Seymour chair (first photo).
Another chair I have always loved is the Louis Ghost chair. It’s so versatile and the wonderful thing is that even if you’re pushed for space, it will it will keep the look uncluttered with its simple, clean lines.
Any interior style can benefit from an eye-catching chair but don’t just think living areas, they’re great in bedrooms as well. Or if you have the space you can even put them in a bathroom as long as there’s plenty of ventilation.