There’s something about spending time in a room that is designed for relaxation and recreation. More and more we are seeing our homes as our havens, a place to get away from the rest of the world and just chill out. The home theatre and rumpus room is ideal for just that.
Designing and decorating a home theatre room affords a wonderful opportunity to create a very unique interior space that really sets the scene for maximum enjoyment. Home theatres are usually purpose-built rooms, so it’s important to think about things like the shape and size of a room, where windows are situated, acoustics, lighting and seating etc. Once this has been done you can start think about the overall style/ambience you’d like to project (pardon the pun) for your home theatre.
The first photo shows a mood board that I for Style completed for a conceptual restaurant but it could easily be interpreted for a home theatre – yes, even with the table and chairs!  The concept for the restaurant was ‘Moods’ which is evocative of the cabaret era. If you get the look and feel of your home theatre right, it will go a long way towards delivering the best possible experience for the people who use the room.
Games Room 600x400
Rumpus rooms are also known as Recreation or Games rooms depending on which country you’re from. They are generally rooms where you can make lots of noise and engage in plenty of rough and tumble activity – great for adolescents and teenagers who want some space to chill out.
Sometimes the rumpus room is centred around some form of entertainment, typically an audio/video setup. This might be something as elaborate as a projection screen with surround sound or something as simple as a base model television.
Furniture should be functional and durable. Multi-purpose functions, for example a well made lounge that’s able to be used as an extra bed when friends over staying over is a great idea. Pops of bold, bright colours are ideal and so too are dark, moody colours.
The second photo shows an open plan space that also doubles as a Games room for one of I for Style‘s clients. It’s set at the front of the house and although it doesn’t have a TV or projection screen, it’s great for a relaxed game of pool.
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