Providing the best possible service and experience for all our clients is paramount at I for Style, so when I was hand-picked to attend a 2 day, small-business workshop recently, I was in boots and all!
Peter Irvine, Author, Keynote speaker to businesses and churches worldwide and Co-founder of Gloria Jeans Australia certainly has plenty of experience in business and in life.
The business people in the room were a very diverse bunch; tradies, professionals, creative movers and shakers etc. The goal was to champion us all to be the best we can be in our business and in life.
So, what does this mean for our clients?
• Having a Right Attitude and a ‘Yes’ face:
A positive attitude goes a long way towards making the client’s experience an enjoyable one. There are always unexpected challenges that crop up regardless of the size of the project. Having a ‘Yes’ face and can-do attitude builds confidence and trust that I for Style will come up with the best possible solution.
• Going Above and Beyond in Service:
Providing an excellent level of service often means going above and beyond. Our clients can be sure that each step of the way we are striving for excellence and an end result that will exceed their expectations.
• Being a Person of Integrity:
Integrity is key to building trust. What we say we will do, we will do.
All of us have had a bad experience at some point with a business that talks the talk when it comes to getting the job, only to find they let us down badly in the delivery. I for Style takes very seriously the privilege of working in people’s homes. Valuing and respecting our clients is absolutely essential.