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Leaders in the world of fashion as well as the interior design industry, there can be no doubt about it, the French exude Style!

When it comes to creating stunning interior spaces the French are continually breaking new ground. A recent collaboration between Domo, French furniture manufacturer Grange and renowned interior designer Greg Natale has resulted in the creation of a range of furniture with a strong sense of French originality but with an Australian perspective.

Beautiful fabrics are also a hallmark of the French style. These can range from a thoroughly modern sensibility through to old favourites like toiles, checks and stripes to name a few.


So just how can you successfully achieve that ‘je ne sais quoi’ quality that epitomises that French style? Often all that’s required is one or two statement pieces e.g. furniture, side drapes or a cushion strategically placed just so, to draw the eye. Or it could be in the form of a stunning chandelier.

Essentially, French style is about knowing how to edit the various elements in a space. Colour, pattern and texture in just the right proportions all play an important role and the end result should appear effortlessly elegant.