This week we wrap up our conversation on the Dulux colour forecast 2018. The last palette, but by no means least, is aptly titled ‘Reflect’. This palette is a real beauty and a personal favourite of mine.
Reflect is all about the romance to be found in the rich tapestry of past lives and valuing those who have gone before. It’s a bit like a walk down through the annuals of history and looking at its best moments with fresh eyes, drawing from the legacy of past luminaries in order to refashion the future.
These beautifully rich colours exude more than just a hint of nostalgia and work wonderfully if you’re looking to create a moody, evocative ambience. Colours such as Goyder green, Rose Pink Villa, Chainmail and Stainless Steel are just a few of the gorgeous colours to be found in this palette.
So there you have it, the Dulux Colour Forecast 2018!
By the way, while we’re on the subject of reflecting; I’ve done a fair bit of that this week too. I’m on holiday in the south coast of NSW busy relaxing, being refreshed and inspired. Watch out world, here I come!!!