The four 2019 colour palettes have been devised through a prism of wellness and rejuvenation. T diversity of influences, fed by technology and the information age, a focus on self-care and an increasing social consciousness have shaped the resulting palettes. The overarching them is titled ‘Filter’, inspired by the way we edit the world around us.
Repair turns to the shifting fortunes of our natural world and draws inspiration from our relationship with nature, accepting imperfection and embracing sustainable methods and materials.
Wholeself – Photo: 1
Wholeself encapsulates undulating forms and smooth surfaces are typified by muted shades, uninterrupted by superfluous detail. With softness and subtle tactility encouraging calmness and wellbeing.
Legacy symbolises influences for tradition, craftmanship and blends of old and new in this fast-paced world, with an awareness and responsibility in what we leave behind.
Identity – Photo 2
Identity encourages individuality and imagination. Drawing upon a host of disparate influences united by the idea of non-conformism, rejecting labels, embracing self-expression and flaunting unique ideas.
Credits and Photos: Dulux