How our home functions is equally as important as how it looks and feels. In this blog, we’ll share some creative space ideas on how to effectively utilise the space you have at home.

Design trends in recent years have been responding to a growing population, as well as a trend towards more simple, minimalistic living. The enormous increase in demand for tiny houses, and TV shows about tiny houses, is definitely evidence of this. Whether we’re talking about tiny houses or regular sized ones though, it’s important to maximise the space you have to its fullest potential.

Your home needs to function well in terms of layout and setup. Having a natural flow in the home is key, no one wants to be banging into furniture or having to squeeze through tight areas. Equally having giant empty spaces is problematic too. And then there is using the space you do have cleverly…

Using space cleverly

There are also clever ways you can use space. Below are just a few to get you going:

  • Big, empty spaces – big rooms are lovely, but they can feel lacking in atmosphere if spaces aren’t used effectively. One of my favourite ways to add ambience to an empty corner, especially one in front of a window or lovely aspect, is a small table and chairs. The above sketch I did is part of a proposed kitchen for a client in Manly, and it’s a great example of how to transform an empty corner.
  • Clever storage – One thing almost every home has in common is that there needs to be space for storage. There are so many clever ways to incorporate storage into the home, from the obvious cupboards, drawers and closets to clever, practical nooks and shelves that blend into the aesthetics of a room or area. The built-in shelving surrounding my client in Dural’s fireplace below is a great example of the latter.
Practical storage solutions for a clients home in Dural
  • Dead space – dead spaces around the home, such as the empty space under the stairs or an extra large hallway, don’t need to be wasted. Storage is an option, as are more practical and aesthetically pleasing uses of space. I’ve seen some gorgeous built-in shelves and coat closets, as well beautifully styled console tables, under stairs. Another example of using dead space that we wrote about recently in our newsletter, is where we added a small home office into a wall niche situated in a long, wide hallway.

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