Contemporary Bathroom design ideas don’t have to result in boring bathrooms – far from it in fact! Modern contemporary bathrooms can be filled with loads of character and even exude a touch of the dramatic, as our clients’ bathroom (featured image) in their newly built house in Sawtell, NSW shows.
So just how can you incorporate character and pizzazz into a contemporary bathroom? Here’s some  bathroom design ideas to get your room singing:

Have an Interior Design Focal Point or Two

Think of it as the leading actor and/or actress of a great movie – it’s a focal point in a room that grabs our attention. In the case of this modern contemporary bathroom, there are two focal points; one being the black tiled feature wall and the other is the spotted gum timber vanity. But remember, if you do have two focal points, it’s important that they work well together in the overall bathroom design.

Supporting Roles in bathroom design

Choose a couple of items for your bathroom that compliment, but don’t compete with, the focal point/s. In this case the mirror and floating shelves made, from the same timber, play strong supporting (pardon the pun) roles.
Contemporary Bathroom design ideas
A Balancing Act
Now it’s time to pull it all together.
To calm the strong colour palette in this bathroom down a bit and add an elegant touch to the overall look, the vanity top in Caesarstone White Attica fits the bill beautifully! The warm white background with deep grey and charcoal veining throughout link really well with the marbled concrete look of the floor and bath hob tiles.
For a contemporary bathroom design that ticks all the boxes, these three principals apply whether you have a modern or more traditional bathroom. For more contemporary bathroom design ideas or help with any bathroom designs, Contact Lurleen or get in touch on Facebook.