I love to explore other areas of innovative creativity and fashion is one such discipline.

Recently I’ve enjoyed reading a book titled ‘Chanel – Collections and Creations’. I think it’s fair to say that Coco’s creation of the suit back in 1913 would be one of her most famous items. The concept of a coordinated suit however is believed to have been inspired by the first tailor-made women’s suits created by English designer John Redfern.

The young Gabrielle Chanel wore clothes she herself created or rather clothes she borrowed from men’s tailoring of work clothes. She was a great believer that clothing for woman should be comfortable, allow ease of movement and be stylish to boot! Before long, Coco, as she was now known, had a clientele of active women.

So what, you ask, has fashion got to do with Interior Design? Actually, quite a lot. I think it’s summed up very well in the following statement “Catwalks many times advance trends and other creative areas join in later”, Eclectic Trends says.

We’ll look a bit more at how fashion translates into our interior spaces as time goes on.

Credits: Danielle Bott