Buying a sofa is something that may happen a few times over the course of a lifetime. However, regardless of how many times you need to change your sofa, there are a few tips to keep in mind so you don’t make the wrong choice.

Top 5 things to consider when buying a sofa

• Practicality verses Good Looks.
Both are important. A great sofa should be one that’s comfortable, practical and very good looking. You don’t want to compromise on a sofa, this will be a major piece of furniture in your room that will be prominent in the overall design and will get a lot of use. It needs to fit the room aesthetic as well as be comfy to spend time on.

• What Style?
Have a look around the room you plan to put the sofa in because that should give you some clues as to what you like. Ok, so I hear you saying “my living room is a bit of a mess and I just can’t decide!”
If this is the case, then start by editing out pieces you don’t like. Proceed with caution though; few can afford to chuck everything out and start again! You may be able to put the items you’ve removed into another area of your home – that often gives them a new lease of life. Once you’ve had a clean out it will help you view the room a bit like you would view a blank canvas.
If you prefer a classic look, check out sofas that have a bit more attention to detail e.g. rounded arms, piping on the seat and back cushions or go for a stunning chesterfield sofa.

Perhaps you love a modern sofa design with clean, simple lines? If so, consider a lounge that’s sleek and unfussy. Like the Globewest Gus sofa in the second photo. It’s classy and can be dressed up or down.

• What Size?
That depends on a few factors: the size of the room, the number of people who will use it and what the lounge will be used for. If for example it’s to be used to lie down on while reading or watching television you may be better going with a modular setting. The position of the sofa in the room will also determine the size required and the shape. You may need a corner lounge, or perhaps a combination of seating options to make the most of the space rather than just one larger piece. A three seater and a couple of single seats might fit the space and the way you want to use the room.

Colour, Pattern or Plain?
The world’s your oyster here! Bear in mind though, that a neutral colour will stand the test of time and you can always add pops of colour with cushions and throws. Be cautious of selecting a sofa that is really on trend, as whilst you may love the colour or fabric now, trends do move on quickly and it may go out of vogue next season.

Leather or fabric sofas?
This is a personal choice. A quality leather sofa will always look great whatever the current trends are. Ultimately, you have to decide which sofa finish is right for you, your family, and your home. The most important considerations are durability, care requirements, appearance, comfort, and your budget.

If you are overwhelmed with all the choices when buying a sofa, get in touch with Lurleen who can help you select the perfect one for your space and family.

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Photos: Distinctive Chesterfields and Globewest
Distinctive Chesterfields