This week’s blog features a recent article from Yellowtrace for design nerds. They’re a constant and excellent source of inspiration, not to mention information, about all things interior design.
This time they’re back with their content partnership, pals from Brickworks Building Project. They are an Australia company that designs, develops, manufactures and sells bricks, and a whole heap more fantastic building materials.
In this series, they focus on High-rise Brick & Masonry Architecture. In case you hadn’t noticed, say Yellowtrace, contemporary, mid-and-high rise towers are usually built using materials like concrete, steel, glass and large formal claddings.
Bricks are renowned for tactile, human-scale qualities and are usually associated with smaller works of architecture, like houses. There’s many reasons for this – cost or ease of construction, but often the main reason is people’s perception.
Bricks are amongst an elite group of materials that are hard to beat when it comes to creating works of architecture that add a layer of visual richness and texture to our cities. This is the job of any great work of architecture – to include, inspire and excite a much greater audience than just the design nerds!
I have to agree!
Photos: The Guthrie Project/Gilbert McCarragher/Gijo Paul George