Have you noticed a strong Boho trend lately? It’s big in the fashion and interior design world. So just what is boho style? The word Boho comes from ancient Bohemia in Europe and the Bohemian style applied to the unconventional lives of the artistic and nomadic.
It was, and still is about embracing different cultures and different periods of time. It’s about fun, adventure and travel with a healthy dose of the footloose and fancy free. Someone who encapsulates the Boho style is Isabella Court, a globe-trotting interior stylist, author and collector is based in Sydney.
With Boho, more is always more! The style ranges from neutral colour palettes through to the bold, bright and busy! It’s all about lots of different textures, kaleidoscopes of colours and an adventurous approach. Canvas+Sasson have a website well worth taking a peck at, they have an amazing range of soft-furnishings and accessories.
Photo 1: Lazarosavian Home http://www.lazarorosaviolan.com
Photo 2: Canvas and Sasson http://store.canvasandsasson.com.au/ipanema
Credits: https://interiorsonline.com.au/blogs/inspiration/how-to-go-boho