This year Heloisa Righetto of trend forecasting and analysis service WGSN Lifestyle predicted a move towards furniture that serves a number of different purposes. She says that while it’s not a new idea, multifunctional furniture is becoming more intuitive and fluid and it has to work hard so it’s less about novelty.
A great example is Werner Aisslinger’s ‘Bikini Island’ sofa system for Moroso. It’s made up of modular units and includes tables, poufs, cabinets and sofas in various fabrics. It can be customized to integrate as many functions as needed. “Life in the living room has changed quite a lot recently,” explains Aisslinger. “Families and their kids are chilling with different activities—reading, downloading files, writing emails, gaming, chatting with friends, watching movies on a pad, relaxing, talking, thinking or meditating.”
Induction-charging stations are gradually being integrated into furniture and lighting as standard. Ikea has introduced some lamps, bedside tables and desks and these are able to wirelessly charge any portable electronic devices placed on top of them. The headboard of Le Lit National’s Origami bed by Elise Fouin (top photo) is covered in decorative pockets that double as storage while the reverse serves as a desk.!origami/c1fcs
On another note, if you fancy some furniture inspired by 1970’s era that era, Stacy Garcia’s Calabasas furniture collection for D’Style is worth a look at. It takes its design cues from the wanderlust of the global traveller and the boldness of the 1970’s nonconformist.