Rooms that are designed specifically for kids need to be practical and fun too. Kids love colour! Whether it’s brights or pastels – colour is an essential element to any space where kids spend time.
A great way to add colour and interest is with art, especially when it has personal significance. The paintings shown are hung in a young boy’s bedroom. The train is an early example of a steam train in Pennsylvania, USA and the boat is similar to the Mark Twain steamboat at Disneyland so they have historical interest for the young mum who’s an American.
The vintage car belonged to the dad’s grandfather who passed on a few years ago so again this provides a link with the past.
When it comes to art, be guided by your children. If they’re toddlers, find out what they like by watching their faces when you read to them or they’re watching an animated cartoon or some other age appropriate kid’s program on TV. Lots of bright colour is a sure winner.
Another great idea is to let them create their own masterpiece. They can really have some fun here! When it’s finished, simply buy an inexpensive frame and hang it on their wall.
Another way of injecting interest & colour is the use of photo montages. They don’t have to be overly detailed, just a few photos put together that have special significance.
Artwork by I for Style