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Online Interior Design and Decorating services

In addition to face to face consultations, we have expanded our offering to now include phone and online Interior Design and Decorating services.

In terms of online, we’re using a number of platforms including Zoom, WhatsApp or Facetime, so that we can cater to all of our clients’ needs, no matter where you are.


Rembrandt’s in the Attic


In 2012 a Scottish home owner was cleaning out their attic and stumbled across a drawing of a blind beggar which was later confirmed to be an original Rembrandt. This idea that we can have valuable treasures or unrealised dreams sitting in our home is one that has particular resonance at the moment.

As a result of COVID-19, we’re spending a lot more time at home and it’s a great opportunity to have a look at that room or area of your home that has potential, or just as likely, has been bothering you as it’s not quite right. You may have a very specific idea of what you want to do, but just not how to do it. Or you may have no idea how you can transform a space or create the look and feel that you’re after. It’s time to get those precious dreams out of the box, unwrap them, dust them off, and bring them view, so we can start working on them.

So, dust off that old dream, that idea that ‘one day” you will get around to. Our method of delivering our services to you might have changed, but our service and commitment to helping you create your dream home hasn’t. Contact I for Style today to discuss how we can help you.

Hartley House bathroom tiles

Only $375

Single room: Specifications for paint colours

  • Paint colour palette (3 colours maximum) A4 paint brush-outs if available OR
  • Paint colour palette (2 colours maximum) and 1 wallpaper

Includes 1 item revision in total package (1 paint colour or 1 wallpaper)

Only $695

Single room: Specifications for paint colours/wallpaper, fabrics, lamps etc

  • Mood board – mood boards are based on a concept only
  • Paint colour palette (3 colours maximum) A4 paint brush-outs if available And/or wallpaper
  • Fabric for window furnishings (2 fabrics maximum) – This includes photos of fabrics and fabric details. If you would like a complimentary measure and quote, this can be arranged but must comply with current Covid 19 requirements.
  • Lamps: Wall, floor, beside tables, desk (one type only)
  • Shopping list: Five items you could buy to enhance your room. This includes photos with prices, measurements, and availability details

I for Style On-line Consultation