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By November 18, 2016

During the design development stage we start getting down to the nitty gritty. We are meeting regularly with our clients in order to drill down further on any practical requirements and how each room is will be used. From this we develop new spatial plans and furniture layouts as well as a more in depth

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By November 11, 2016

Last week we covered what happens at that first consultation between the Interior Designer and the client, establishing the Brief. We also looked at a quick summary of the next stage in the design process, the Concept, and here we’ll go into much more detail. What is a concept and why is it important? Good

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I For Style at work
By November 4, 2016

Our passion at I For Style is designing timeless, quality interiors that reflect our clients’ interests, passions, values, and what’s important to them. We get a lot of questions about what an Interior Designer does, so over the next few weeks we’ll be explaining the Interior Design process for larger projects and how that process unfolds. This week

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By October 28, 2016

Often people comment on the fact that all our finished projects are so uniquely different from one another. That’s simply because each of our clients are uniquely different! Last week we looked at some before and after photos from I for Style’s portfolio of successfully completed projects. This week, let’s take a look at another,

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By October 21, 2016

A beautiful home that showcases great style, high quality finishes, attention to detail AND enhances your well-being will add value to your lifestyle! Soon after our clients purchased this home on acreage, I for Style was called in and tasked with creating an inspiring, contemporary home where they could take time out from a very busy lifestyle to

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By October 14, 2016

While the natural beauty of New Zealand is widely considered to be world class, less is known about the built environment and just what treasures await those with a spirit of adventure…… Napier is one such gem. Located in Hawke’s Bay on the eastern coast of the North Island of New Zealand, it is a

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By October 7, 2016

Great lighting is crucial to the success of any interior space therefore it’s worth thinking about early on in the process. To understand what lighting is needed for a room let’s take a look at the three different types: GENERAL OR BACKGROUND LIGHTING General Lighting or Background Lighting is just that. It should be unobtrusive. Downlights

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World map in home office design
By September 30, 2016

Recently I completed the design and fit-out for my husband’s home office. The concept for this project is encapsulated in the word “Influence”. His management consulting business specialises in Not for Profits, specifically Churches, and involves travel to many cities around the world. His sphere of influence is a global one, hence the concept. The

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By September 23, 2016

Melbourne does it again with yet another exceptionally well designed fit-out. Great design is always en trend and this little beauty is no exception. A bit of background: The Penny Drop began as a little pop-up, where hundreds of bleary-eyed commuters dropped by each morning to get their freshly prepared coffees. After seeing their customer’s

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By September 16, 2016

Art is such as personal thing so it’s important to get it right. So much the better though when you are able to combine travel to another country and discover inspiring artwork that’s either specific to that country or has its roots in a particular country. Enter the World of Wearable Art (WOW). WOW is

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